Project co-ordination for Remodeling


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There are many good remodeling contractors in New Jersey.  However, many of them do not offer Interior Design services and they leave all the material selection decisions up to the home owner.

This can be challenging if the home owner does not have any experience in selecting light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinet finishes, counter tops and so on.

At KT Interior Designs, we offer full service guidance for all aspects of interior remodeling.  We begin with looking at the contractor or architect’s plans with a client and determining what is needed in each space that is being worked on.

We then go over our list of items needed and show our client what options there are for all of the variables such as base board, crown molding, door styles, cabinets, counter tops, light fixtures and bathroom fixtures.  And, for each item, there are many variables such as material, color, finish, style – the choices can be overwhelming.

We work with our clients in a very systematic way, first looking at the functionality of each item, then looking at the appearance and then deciding on color.  By working with an experienced design professional this way, the client is fully involved in the decision making and guaranteed a beautiful, functioning well planned space, one which reflects their own unique personality and lifestyle. As a result, mistakes and delays are avoided, stress is reduced to a bare minimum, and the project runs on time and on schedule, with all furnishings readily available on-site for the contractors when needed.

Let KT Interior Designs guide you through the complexities of choices on your next home improvement project!

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