Inspiration and Style

NYC living room 2

I often have potential clients ask me what my ‘style’ is, and that makes me stop and clarify that MY style really has nothing to do with it – interior design of a home should be all about the people who live there, not about the designer!

My job is to act as one part guide, one part inspiration and one part project manager! I get to know my clients so I can understand what they enjoy, what are their favorite colors and I guide them in providing me with picture of rooms they have found either in magazines or on line that portray their style.

Once I understand their style, I can then begin to research the color schemes, fabrics and furniture that will best suit their individual tastes, while also keeping in mind the function of the room. I usually encourage my clients to find one piece of inspiration for a room, whether it’s a piece of furniture, an accessory or a color.

Once I understand the style of my client, I have an inspiration piece and have done some research, it is then time to begin making selections. I guide the selection process to ensure that a cohesive plan is put together that will present a wonderful picture for my clients to enjoy every time they enter the room in question.

I can help you uncover your personal style, create a design plan and then I’m the project manager who oversees the implementation. When can we talk about your style?

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