Which comes first – Organization or Design?

hall bookcase edited

When a client calls me in to help with redesigning a room, the concept of organization usually comes to the front of the line in the first conversation!

While it is certainly my job to make a space beautiful, it is also my job to ensure the design enhances the use of the room and does not get in the way of organization.

I usually begin by asking a client to describe who uses the room and for what purpose.  This will give me some clues on where to begin in terms of defining the use patterns and incorporating elements of organization into the design.

Once the organization and use patterns are defined, it is then possible to begin with the basic elements of design by looking at light, color and surface coverings.  We can then move on to considering the color, form and function of the furniture in the room, incorporating the elements of organization and bringing everything full circle.

So, in most cases, organization needs to be considered before design choices are made – the end result needs to be not only beautiful, but functional as well.

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