Design Trends in 2015


Over the years various trends have established themselves in the design world. In the 1980’s it was faux finishes, in the 1990’s it was every master bath had a whirlpool and many kitchens had tiled counter tops.

However, in 2015, more simplistic trends are taking over. Faux finishes are giving way to authentic materials being placed as wall coverings. For example, they now have ‘magnetic linen’ that can be used on the walls of say, a teenager’s room. This means they have a way to hang up articles cut from magazines, displaying artwork they have done or simply doing their own thing with decorating. However, because the wall is magnetic, there is no damage caused when they hang up items.

When it comes to kitchens and bathroom, simplicity is taking over. The trend is for the space that was taken up by putting in a whirlpool is now being used to create larger showers with multiple heads and ‘his and hers’ vanities. In the kitchen, tiles counters are a thing of the past and the new technology is Corian that looks like granite but it can be sculpted to fit any area.

One design trend I am not a fan of is the move toward ‘naked’ windows. While in some homes, or even in some rooms this can be a feature that works, in most homes some type of window treatment is preferable. My job is to work with each client, determine the style they are most comfortable with and ‘make it so.’ However, it is also my job to make clients aware of the trends and the potential affect their choices may have on the resale value of their home.

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