Space Planning and Design

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In the past few years the concept of space utilization has reached an all-time high, with the rise in popularity of “little” houses and unique space saving furniture and wall units.

While downsizing to a ‘little’ house might be a bit extreme (like this on http://tinyurl.com/ofypc98 ) space saving units like what Resource Furniture has created can help you use your space to the best advantage.

Whether it’s getting the most ‘usable’ space out of a particular room, or you want to organize your entire home, a company like Resource Furniture can give you plenty of ideas.

There is a newly renovated 1920’s Art Deco building in Asbury Park called Eureka that is now home to 23 modern duplex apartments. The building was designed with sustainable living in mind. Rather than seeking more space, the ideal design was shifted to using space ingeniously. You can see all of the furniture used at http://tinyurl.com/o8e4k7h

However, if you just have a small area that you want to maximize, then a wall desk like this one could be the answer. http://tinyurl.com/qzupdmo

Design and space planning go hand in hand. Let’s have a conversation on how I can help you maximize your space, yet give you the look that makes you feel at home.

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