Style is Something Personal

NYC living room 2

A question that I am often asked is “do you have a signature style?”  And my answer is always the same -“no, this is about your style, not mine!”

My job as a designer is to get to the root of what my clients like and want in their living space.  I guide their choices so that they end up with a place that really makes them feel as home, yet is functional and inviting for guests.

The first two elements that we explore is color and balance.  Color will set the tone for the entire room.  Does my client want a calm and quite place, or is it an area that would benefit from splashes of bold color?  I then measure the room and plot it out on a grid.  There are few things worse than getting furniture that is really too big for the space it must occupy!  Once I have established what overall style my client appreciates, I then begin to help them make flooring, furniture and accessory choices.

I work with various suppliers and work rooms where I can pull fabric and flooring samples so that my clients can see how their choices will look next to each other.  Often I will complete a color board with paint samples, fabric samples and pictures of the furniture selections so that they can get a feel for how the room will look.

At the end of the day, I feel that my job is well done if my client comes in the door and it feels like home and it has their own personal stamp of syle!

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