Referring Professionals

Referring Professionals
KT Interior Designs can support many professionals in accomplishing their goals.

Real Estate Agents/Property Investors

We can assist you with making your listings “pop” when viewed by potential buyers. Whether the property is vacant or occupied, our goal is to help you showcase your listings so they stand out, sell quickly and get top dollar.

A one hour comprehensive Home Staging Evaluation with you and the seller with a written report detailing tips and suggestions is only $159. The home owner can take these suggestions and put them into action themselves or we can provide a basic full day of staging (up to 6 hours), using items already in the Seller’s home for $599. If a Seller engages us to assist them in their new home, the price of the staging can be applied to a future decorating project.

If more than basic staging is needed, such as rental of furniture or accessories, we can provide a proposal on a case by case basis.

Relocation Specialist/Movers

We can assist your customers before they move in with a Home Design Consultation, and provide them with room layouts, furniture and rug placements. This makes your life easier, because they will know beforehand where items will be placed, instead of having to discuss it when your movers are holding up opposite ends of a couch. Simply put us in touch with your client and we will provide them with a proposal that will make your life easier and help reduce stress on moving day.


We can help your clients by guiding them through the material selection process. As you know, there is an overwhelming maze of rapid fire design decisions that need to be made when renovating or doing new construction. We can guide your clients through this maze by assisting with the selection of colors, finishes, countertops, cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, hardware and flooring. You can package our pricing into yours, or we can provide a proposal directly to your client.
By making sure all design decisions are made and details addressed, we will help keep your projects on time and on budget, and guarantee you have clients who are delighted with the end result.


We help your residential customers make their color selections easily and quickly. We understand that many people lack the confidence and don’t trust their own judgment when it comes to picking out colors for their home. This usually translates into it taking a very long time for customers to make up their minds. We streamline the process by coming in and finding out just what your customer needs, using large color samples so they can be sure of their choices. A basic color consultation is $199 and you can include it in your quote or you can send the customer directly to us.

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