A Design Plan

Interior illustration sketch with material color scheme

Have you ever heard someone say something like this: “I would love to redecorate my house but I cannot afford to do the whole thing”?

The best thing that I can do for this type of client is to create a design plan. What this means is we go over every room in the house, plan out what we would do if money was no object and create a ‘master design plan” with color selections, fabric, and furniture and, of course, a budget for each room.

Armed with this information, the client can then decide how much of the plan to do right now and how much to leave for a later date.

Why do the complete plan now? Well, this makes it easy to execute each piece of the plan when it is part of a whole and when the time comes, it ensures that everything has been considered. It also ensures that when the plan is competed all of the rooms flow into each other and there are no jarring ‘mistakes’.

When can we begin work on your design plan? All it takes is a phone call to set an appointment for a free initial consultation.

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