Getting Settled Before School Starts

moving pic

Couples with children who find that they need to relocate for work or personal reasons know the importance of finding the right house, getting through the sales process, closing and moving in prior to the opening of school.

There is enough chaos with getting children into a new school without having to deal with anything else! If you are currently moving into the Westfield, Scotch Plains/Fanwood or surrounding area, then KT Interior Designs can be of assistance to you in the settling in process.

It is difficult when you move into a new area because you usually don’t know anyone and you have no idea where to go for window blinds and treatments, for painters and handymen or even where to shop for quality accessories.

KT Interior Designs can help you get settled into your new home and guide you to where to find the best resources in a timely manner.

It all begins with an initial consultation to see what is needed. Based on the information gathered in this conversation it is then possible for us to determine what is needed and put together a project plan with approximate pricing and timeframes for getting things done.

Why make your life even more difficult by trying to cope with moving and settling in all on your own? We can make your life much easier and ensure that you meet that deadline of getting it all together before the kids go back to school!

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