Lighting Makes a Difference

Living room with lighting sconesThere are many variables to consider when choosing lighting for any room. Of course, there are the obvious ones like what color is the light fixture and where will it be placed. But beyond that, there are other considerations such as type of finish, different styles, type of voltage, and amount of light.

Light fixtures are limited only by the imagination of the manufactures. They come in all colors and finishes, anywhere from a dull finish nickel plate to a high gloss lime green.

Styles range from wall sconces, to wall mounted lamps with shades, to chandeliers hung in the middle of the room to ceiling flush mounted and recessed lighting.

Different voltage levels can achieve different effects. Main incandescent light is still the most popular as it creates a ‘cozy’ effect that people react to. Low voltage can be used to light up artwork. LED lights are used in under counter lighting and provides accurate light that is cool to the touch. Compact and linear fluorescent provide a more ‘no nonsense’ light that is good for work areas.

It is important to determine what a room will be used for when determining a lighting plan. Is it a living and entertaining area that needs smaller areas of more intimate lighting? Or is it a dining room that needs to have light from top to bottom?

As an Interior Designer it is my job to help my clients determine what their lighting needs are and then select the prefect lighting fixtures to meet those needs, taking into account all the variables.

Do you have rooms that could use a lighting ‘facelift’? Could you use help creating your lighting plan? Give me a call!

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