Interior Design Expectations

Edited_LROne of the most challenging parts of my job as an Interior Designer is to manage the expectations of my clients.

Every client has their own idea of how much something should cost, how long a project should take and how much participation is required from them.

I see myself as the professional who guides the process – and the process does require participation from the client!

I usually begin by getting an idea of what style my client finds attractive and I do this by asking them to find pictures either online or in a magazine that depict the designs that they find appealing. Once we have had a chance to go over these pictures and ideas, I can then begin to form an idea of how long it will take me to begin to source the items necessary to create the room design that will match the client’s style.

The next step is to begin selecting floor coverings, wall coverings, accessories and furniture. Once selections are made, it is then possible for me to complete a full budget for the entire room. Until we reach this point, it is impossible to know how much the project will be or how long it will take to complete.

Once the project is completed on paper, the budget has been established, it is then time to order everything. Now, each furniture manufacturer has their own time table when it comes to completing and delivering an order. One company might send in an order in four weeks and another might take ten weeks – and no matter how impatient a client might be, furniture delivery is like the weather – there is no controlling it! (All I can do is control expectations. . . .)

It is important for me to establish a good working relationship with my clients – and the first step is establishing expectations at the very beginning.

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